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Kitty Marie O'Brien

Kitty-Marie O’Brien cut her teeth in accounting long before computer programs like QuickBooks ever existed. Her thirty years of experience began with manual accounting and she has evolved, just as the industry has, ever since. As committed to growth as she is to her clients, she is now a QuickBooks and bookkeeping procedures specialist who prides herself on staying ahead of the curve, anticipating companies’ future needs and consistently learning and applying new strategies and truisms about accounting.

In addition to holding dual degrees in accounting and business, Kitty-Marie has worked for everything from small, local businesses to large, multimillion dollar companies throughout the span of her career. Given her engaging personality and intuitive teaching skills, training her fellow employees was always a part of her job description and a natural component of her skill set.

Today, Kitty-Marie carries that passion into community classrooms as well as clients’ offices. She believes in educating prospective entrepreneurs, principals and accounting departments – not only instructing them on “how” to make entries, but also on “why” those entries are being made and their impact on future financial reports and tax filings. This proactive approach enables her clients to maintain accurate financial records and processes on a day-to-day basis, saving them valuable time and money in the long run.

While education is at the forefront of her method, partnership is at the heart of her business acumen. By developing strong relationships with her clients and proactively managing their bookkeeping needs, those same clients are free to “do what they do best” – conduct and grow their businesses.

“Helping businesses do what they do best” is not simply our motto - We truly want to allow the principal owners of companies, both small and large, to be able to focus on promoting their skill sets while having full access to and understanding of their financial positions. That’s why we make it our mission to work within the GAAP guidelines, identify & rectify potential issues to avoid “red flags,” create user manuals and establish internal systems, and streamline processes and procedures to ensure productivity.

We are so much more than a bookkeeping service. We bridge the gap between principal owners and their accountants by bringing a higher level of accounting knowledge to the table. Our expertise allows us to interact with accountants on behalf of our clients, on an ongoing basis, ensuring a seamless transition from year to year.”

Kitty-Marie O’Brien
Finance Operations Consultant
President, Bookkeeping Brilliance, Inc.

Marie O'Brien

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